"Had a great experience with, Kristina Passarelli. She listened to my concerns and took her time. I highly recommend her!"
Cindy L.
"Dr. Passarelli is great! She is timely, attentive, and an overall great professional to work with. Highly recommend!"
Alexis D.
"Dr. Passarelli is very attentive, and super knowledgeable to where I don’t feel like I missed anything during the visit. Can’t beat genuine, efficient care."
Isaiah C.
"Dr. Kristina is a careful listener. She will go to any length to ensure the best care for her patients!"
Sheri R.
"Very attentive and caring! Makes sure to always answer your questions/concerns. Scheduling and paper work process very easy and straightforward! 100% Recommend!"
"Dr. Passarelli is very responsive and caring. It's convenient that she offers telehealth appointments as well as in office visits."
Emily C.
"I have had a great experience with Dr. Passarelli. She has taken a lot of time to fully listen to my concerns & explore many possibilities. She is kind & knowledgeable."
Sarah J.
"Streamlined visit, and Dr. P was extremely informative, kind, and helpful. I highly recommend her and this practice!"
Rebecca W.
"Dr. Kristina is kind and extremely knowledgeable!!! I don’t want to get sick however, I’m glad she makes the time to make sure I’m feeling better quickly!"
Katherine M.
"Dr. Kristina Passarelli has the best bed side manner. She's concise, detail oriented, very informative, and shows how much she cares thru her demeaner."
Jamie B.
"She was quick to act, compassionate and knowledgeable when dealing with an urgent matter of my 1 year old. Thank you so much!"
Robyn H.
"Finally, a physician that is familiar with all the most modern procedures and approaches! Let alone, great and attentive staff!"
Anthony R.
"Booked a last minute video visit and it was simple, quick, and super helpful! Thanks Nurse Kristina Passarelli"
Annabel L.
"Dr. Passarelli was a godsend. She is a very patient person who genuinely cares about her patients."
Nicole K.
"Dr. Kristina is very friendly and informative. I would recommend her to any of my family members or friends. Telehealth is offered which is a good option for me."
Gabe M.
"She was so nice and made me feel so comfortable."
Mireya T.
"Super helpful and friendly. Was easy to talk to about my medical needs. She pointed me in the right direction on my medical decisions. Would recommended 5/5!"
William L.
"Amazing experience, she was super nice and came to my house."
Joseph P.
Dr. Kristina Passarelli is excellent, attentive, kind, knowledgeable. I had a wonderful experience with all my needs met. I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Dec 04, 2023

Nov 30, 2023
Dr. Kristina is the real deal. She cares, listens and is actually interested in getting you what you need to feel better. I can't recommend her enough. She'll be my new PCP from here on out.

Oct 08, 2023
Dr. P spent over an hour one on one & listened to my health concerns, explained things so I clearly understood, and figured out a plan that worked for me. Today I am feeling great and continuing to see positive results. I highly recommend her!

Sep 13, 2023
Dr. Kristina was very attentive and knowledgeable! It’s evident she truly cares about her patients and considers all angles when determining treatment. Highly recommended!

Aug 11, 2023
Dr. Pascarella listened to my concerns and goals. She offered me a variety of treatment options to consider.

Aug 03, 2023
She was easily accessible when technical issues arose before appointment and super knowledgeable!

Jul 26, 2023
Awesome. Dr. Kristina was amazing, very informative and really cared about my health.

Jun 28, 2023
Dr Passarelli is an excellent practitioner. She is very knowledgeable, Intelligent, great listener, timely, with a great bedside manner. I have a serious and complex medical injury that happened last October(2022). She educated me more on my injury in 30 minutes, than both my Nuerologist and general practitioner has in 9 months. I plan to keep her for my main dr and since I'm 4 hours away I'll only go to my general practitioner if she instructs me to see him because she thinks it should be seen in office. She treats you in multiple ways which helps you immediately, and talks about what needs to be done to not only addres symptoms, but fix the issue causing the symptoms. Her treatment plan includes the whole you with exercise, nutrition, sleep, and medicinally. One of the best dr visits I've experienced.

Jun 05, 2023
Dr. Kristina Passarelli is a very knowledgeable, kind, and caring person. I have a pretty complex and debilitating injury and I received more answers with Dr. Passarelli in 30 minutes, than I have received from my general practitioner and Nuerologist since October 2022. She gave a good medical plan for me that involves, nutrition, exercise, and medicine. Told me things I could ask Nuerologist and things I can do to help my well-being. If you want answers and help with any condition I would not delay scheduling with her. She is very thorough, timely, and a medical treatment plan to better your condition, illness, or injury.

Jun 04, 2023
Dr Kristina’s office is nice and comfortable. She made me feel at home and allowed me to comfortably share my health situation without me feeling embarrassed. I also think her membership layout is fantastic and it allows be to be seen by a healthcare professional unlimited times over telemed during the month.

Jun 02, 2023
Dr. Kristina is amazing.

May 26, 2023